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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Limo Service

Limos are a preferred choice of movement for a lot of people, especially for events and those travelling to new and unfamiliar places, unlike the traditional car rental or even cabs, limos are a more premium and executive service with both its advantages and disadvantages. We shall consider some of these pros and cons of hiring a limo service.


  • The most obvious one, right off the gate, is the comfort, luxury and prestige associated with limos. When going for an event, you will be sure to get heads turning when you arrive there in a limo. In addition to that, these limos are quite comfortable and come with space, refreshments and entertainment.
  • Secondly, limos will usually be driven by expert drivers who, depending on the company policy, will usually boast massive experience.  This feature will be welcome by those who may not be too enthusiastic about entrusting their travel to a novice driver.
  • A limo will usually prove to be more secure than most alternatives and if one selects a reputable limo service provider, they will be guaranteed minimal or zero risk of any security mishap.
  • Limos have also been associated privacy as some are fitted with noise proof and tints. One will almost feel as comfortable as does someone in their room, a feature that could be attractive to some consumers.
  • A final attractive element of hiring a limo service is predictability with regards to prices. Most if not all limo service providers will have fixed prices for the services they offer. This means that planning is made easier as one would know what to expect.


  • Although fixed predictable prices are one of their selling points, limo companies have also been accused of having unreasonable and exorbitant prices. It is this feature that makes many would be consumers to shy
    away and instead resort to cheaper alternatives. This has also led to consumers getting bad services when they use cheaper limo service companies who then dispense with quality and reliability.
  • Limo service companies will also at times have crooked chauffeurs who will charge extra for unsolicited extra services at the great inconvenience of the consumer.
  • Limos, while boasting of comfort, can usually be slow and a waste of time. The length of the vehicle also makes it difficult to navigate around certain streets. They are also fairly difficult to park, taking away even more time in the process.

These are among the considerations a prospective user should take into consideration before hiring out those services.



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